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This weeks theme…signs!

Posted by Dawn on July 8, 2006


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 I was thinking of this weeks theme when I wanted to take this picutre, but as you can tell, I was a little slow and didn’t get the shot.  I asked Patt to go back and let me try again and he wouldn’t:(

So this is plan “B”.  This is the sign above my favorite place to get a hamburger in our town.  To be honest, it’s the only place to get a hambuger in our town.  But it’s the best!!!


16 Responses to “This weeks theme…signs!”

  1. Dani said

    LOL! Great photos! Take care. Dani

  2. viamarie said

    Hamburger! It’s making me feel hungry right this minute.

    Mine is up now. Happy weekend!

  3. Wystful 1 said

    Okay….consider me a guest. I’m on my way. Love the burgers. But which way do I turn? Toward Florida or Mississippi?

    My Saturday Photo is posted.

  4. Michele said

    You should tell your husband that someone’s husband on the photo hunt turned around and let her take her pictures 🙂 maybe next time he will do it!

    Great shots. I bet it’s better than McDonalds. Anything is better than McDonalds.

  5. gail said

    My husband wouldn’t have turned around either unfortunately! Not heard of Billy Burgers before, sounds good.
    Have a good weekend.

  6. Shna said

    Great pic, too bad you couldn’t get it the way you wanted! I’ve never heard of Billy Burgers, they sound great 🙂

  7. ya my hubby thinks I’m nuts bringing my camera with me and snapping pictures of weird things. One time on a bike ride I had my camera with me and we saw a fire truck so I told him we had to stop so I could take a picture because I wanted it for the July photo contest which I never did end up entering because I got too busy at work and couldn’t blog for weeks. Oh well, now I have some fire truck shots for whenever I need ’em. Bring it on!

    I like the way the highway sign is kinda cut off though. It actually provides a better effect than if the whole sign was showing, in my opinion.

    Have a good weekend. Give your doggie a kiss for me!

  8. Debbie said

    My hubby patiently drove me around and around as I looked for my signs! I was lucky he doesn’t blog but he is caught up in my meme’s and has fun looking at the comments!

    My signs are up! Hope you have a super Saturday!

  9. Pam said

    I love both. Now I’m hungry.
    Mine’s up. Pam

  10. GoofyJ said

    More great signs! 🙂 I played too. 🙂

  11. Michael said

    Heh, I used a favorite burger joint for one of my signs too! Great taste! 😉

  12. There have been a few different pictures of signs for eating places (with hamburgers being a favourite). And why not? Great photos.

    My SPH is up too.

  13. Photo scavenger hunt!!! Yea, it sounds like fun. That’s right up my alley, my motorcycle riding group doing one that started in spring and ends Oct 31st. My husband would have told me “Sorry Charlie” and not turn around either. He thinks me nutz with my camera. I love it and have lots of fun. I will have to see about joining next Saturday.

  14. I think they both work!

  15. pia said

    that reminds me of my favorite burger… MUSHROOM BURGER!

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