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will I do it?

Posted by Dawn on July 18, 2006

I’m at that crossroad again.  Yep, it’s hair cut time once again.  I got brave last time and cut some lenght off, so what will I do today?  To be honest, I have no clue.  I’ll probably go in tell Wendy to do what she thinks best, even if it’s short.  My hair and nope I didn’t ask for any opinion this morning.  Just reminded Patt I may be in a little after normal time, since I’ve got an apt today.  Right now it’s just below my shoulders but gee it’s so hot I think I want something fun and sassy.  I’m kind of feeling prissy right now 😎

It’s nuts around here today.  That’s nothing new, but there’s a big lunch meeting and the mayor’s bodyguards are in the kitchen and so I’m like can I please get through.

Today is a special today.  It’s my friends Jaimi’s 44th b’day and it would have been my Aunt Pasty’s birthday.  I called Jaimi this morning and had a long chat.  I miss my friends from Baton Rouge, they have such a special place in my heart and even though Jaimi and I could get on each others never we have a very special friendship.  She was suprised I remembered.  Duh, hello, for 7 years, every year it was my honor and joy to make her birthday ever so exciting…  I really had fun making sure everyone knew it was her birthday and playing tricks on her.  We had to have fun and love each other.  We all worked so close together the laughter was our relief.

It would have also been my mom’s sister b’day.  She died when I was 7 but I can still remember her like it was yesterday.  Being the first child born in the family has major benefits.  This is why I am so spoiled…. why I still think I’m the princess…I was treated like I was.  I had the whole family wrapped around my little finger.  Now with my niece Samantha everyone will tell me she is me all over again, she looks like me and acts like me.  Her nickname is Princess and I am trainning her very well 😉 And like me having Aunt Pasty wrapped around my finger, Samantha has her Aunt Dawn wrapped around her finger.  I miss my Aunt Pasty.  It was so unfair for someone so wonderful to be gone so early.  She loved God, Loved loved loved her family, she taught my mission friends class in church, she loved to play the piano (that’s why I took lessons, I wanted to be like her) she liked to hunt she was so amazing.  She was so special God needed her in heaven, but before he took her home, He made sure she touched my heart.

Ok before I get sappy again, I’ve been doing good, so let’s stay happy and cheerful.  I’ve got 3 hours to decide on chop chop or trim trim….  Then I may or may not go riding with Patt tonight.  There’s so much to do to get ready for the cookout this weekend.  I’m slowly learning not to stress about my house to so neat and perfect before everyone gets there because once people start showing up, my poor ole house is just not the same. 

 Have a great Tuesday everyone. 


2 Responses to “will I do it?”

  1. Bar Bar A said

    Sweetness – I just figured it out, my link for you was broken. I have been so bummed that you “quit blogging”!!! I fixed it, this is the second time this has happened to your blog (I’m sure its me) I will be back ASAP so catch up!!!!!


  2. I can s orelate with teh stress before hosting something. I do the same thing. I have gotten alot better though. This 4th I hardly stressed at all. I am learning that it really doesn’t matter if everything is perfect. You are so right too. within a few minutes the place is not the same anyway. That and noone is even paying attention..lol

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