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chop chop

Posted by Dawn on July 19, 2006

I did it.  It’s been a gradual process since my hair use to be in the middle of my back and it’s been slowly getting shorter, but yesterday I just did it!  It’s gone    😮

My hair maybe sits right on my shoulder.  So for me that is major short!  I was sitting in the chair yesterday and Patt walks in and was like don’t do it, but I had to.  It is so hot and I’m tired of wearing a pony tail.  I mean yesterday we had “important” people here for a luncheon and I’m bouncing around with a pony tail.  Very unprofessional.  It’s bad enough I wear dresses with sandals, but we are in the Mississippi and it’s hot right now!  So I cut it off  but I do admit I do like it longer and like I told Patt I’ll start growing it back out to have long hair for the winter but it’s just too hot right now to deal with long hair.  I don’t like some of the crazy things he does with facial hair, but I deal with it.

It’s been really hot and yesterday we had a bad thunderstorm.  It knocked the power out for about 2 hours and I thought Patt was about to break out the generator.  After Katrina and being without power for a week the thought of no electricity is scary around here.  But I did manager to talk Patt into waiting since it was only a thunderstorm.  So we sat outside and watched the rain.

I’m starting to get everything together for the cookout this weekend for his birthday.  I’ve ordered the cake which I hope he likes.  It’s chocolate with a cream filing, butter-cream icing and they will be able to put a picture of his motorcycle on it.  I’ve got to pick up all the fixings for the cookout and get everything done by Friday night since I’ll be at a wedding Saturday afternoon.  It’s fun yet sad when people you can remember being born get married.  My nephew Hunter is the ring bearer and is going to be so cute in his little tux 😎  So I’m excited about Saturday and I just love seeing everyone I use to go to church with.  Weird thing is I love the people in Utica, I just don’t want to live there. 

Off to get some work done and it’s about time for another cup of coffee.  Hope you have a good Wednesday!!!!


9 Responses to “chop chop”

  1. Fred said

    I haven’t had a haircut for over two years. But, when I do get it cut, it’s back to a buzz.

    I’m off for the rest of the week, so have a good one!

  2. Heather said

    Okay, I think I’m caught up on your blog now! Glad you decided to go for it with the haircut! I almost cried the first time I cut mine, but its thick and black. In the summer time short is the only option! Hope the cookout plans come together! Oh, and now I want some cake by the way! That wasn’t very nice of you!! LOL! TTYL!

  3. kontan said

    I love having short hair. I try to let it grow, but once it is to my shoulders I just can’t handle it anymore…especially in the summer!

  4. Stacy said

    Shoulder-length is the longest I can get my hair to grow – as you said, it’s just too hot down here to have very long hair, unless you wear it up off your neck all summer long, every day. I got mine cut last week and it’s a bit shorter than normal. I do let it grow longer in the winter, to keep me a little warmer 🙂

    Sorry you guys lost power. We never even got a drop of rain. Starting to get a little this afternoon though, thankfully. Thanks for sending it my way, LOL!

    Sounds like a big party and I know it will all go well this weekend. That cake sounds delicious! Have fun at the wedding and the party, and then get some rest 🙂

  5. Katherine said

    I used to love thunderstorms, now they are just a pain because my poor dog is so scared of them. He follows me so closely I’m constantly tripping over him so I usually just sit and wait them out with him. Now that sounds like a birthday cake! (Unlike my Pistachio crap!) Have a great weekend.

  6. Paula said

    I would love to see your new look! Maybe you can post a picture. It’s very hot and humid in Atltanta too!!! Love you and am thinking of you.

  7. BarBara said

    I am proud of you for being brave and cutting it – you remind me so much of myself when it comes to hair. BUT I do wear a ponytai! Almost 24/7 ! My issue is that if it touches my neck I can’t stand it (when its hot).

    Patt’s b-day sounds fun! Save me a piece of that cake!

  8. You go girl!!! I wish I had the guts to chop mine off. I am thinking about going to get about 10 inches cut and donate it to the “locks for love”… It is down to my butt and getting just way to hot. My hair is super thick and not to mention I am growing my bangs out, so I am in the really akward stage. Yuck, I hate it. I know it must be dealt with if I want to grow them out though. I just wish I would have chose to do this in the winter..lol I could have wore my hair down and a cloth headband in it. When will I learn..lol

    I hope you are doing good today. I have been thinking about ya alot this week. Just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers girl.

    God Bless,

  9. Many years ago I decided, like you, to cut it short. Mine was cut above the shoulders. I absolutely enjoyed it. It’s back to long again, but I never regretted cutting it very short when I did. Enjoy your short hair.

    Betty 🙂

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