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Thirteen Thursday

Posted by Dawn on July 19, 2006

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Thirteen Things about my Aunt Pasty!

1.  She was born on July 18 1958 and went to see Jesus on December 15, 1978.

2.  She died 6 days after my 8th birthday.

3.  I still have the belt with my name on and a Gideon Bible she gave me.  The Bible is on a decorative stand that stays on my bedside dresser.

4.  That Christmas I remember everyone being so sad.  I remember my grandmother going into her room and bringing a gift out.  It was the only Christmas present she had bought before she passed away.  It was a little doll with long black hair, wearing a red dress with polk a dots, red shoes and a red purse.  It breaks my heart to say I lost it, but somewhere in my moves in Baton Rouge I lost the last thing my aunt ever bought.

5.  She loved to play the piano which is why I think I took lessons.  I always wanted to be just like her.  Only problem, she could play the piano, I memorized all my pieces.

6.  She loved to sing.  There’s a tape that I believe my Aunt Dottie has of Aunt Pasty singing “There’s Just Something About That Name”.  Again this is one of my favorite hymns.  It reminds me of her.

7.  I remember getting in a whole lot of trouble once in mission friends.  I remember us coloring on a page and at the top of the page I wrote the words….do do.  I was told that was not a nice thing to say or write.

 8.  As most kids do when the phone rings they love to answer the phone.  Well so did I when I was a kid.  Embarrassed her so much when I answered the phone once and it was a guy calling and I said to her, Aunt Pasty it’s for you,  it’s your boyfriend……

9.  I remember that I loved spending the night with her.  She had a typewriter and I would just type all night on it.

10. I remember she liked to bird hunt I think it was.  There’s a memory of her coming in the house and she’d been hunting.

11. She passed away before my cousin Henry was born.  He was the only one that never got to be with her or so we thought.  I can remember when he was little playing outside with his “pretend” friend all the time.  One day he is in my grandmother’s living room, points up to her picture and says “that’s her, that’s my friend that comes and plays with me”. 

12. She loved the Lord and it showed.  There’s people today that still will say something and tell me how wonderful and special she was.

13. I guess with time there’s some memories that are not so clear anymore, but one thing I do remember and that’s being loved so much.  No matter how old I get or what happens in my life I know my Aunt Pasty loved me, held me, prayed for me and made me feel like a princess.  I just hope I can be the same type of aunt to Hunter, Samatha, Bailey and Tracer.

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17 Responses to “Thirteen Thursday”

  1. gail said

    Those are some good memories! I bet she would be proud.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  2. swilder said

    Very cool TT!

  3. meredith said

    WOW! What an awesome list! I might have to borrow this idea (obviously with my family 😉 )

    My TT is up, too

  4. Gina said

    What a great tribute to a beloved aunt. It goes to show we never know what an impact we are having on those around us (especially the kids).

    Thanks for stopping by my TT.
    Be blessed!

  5. carmen said

    What great memories of what seemed to be a great woman. 🙂

  6. Heather said

    That’s a great thirteen! She sounds like she was a wonderful lady! Mine are up here and here!

  7. Christina said

    What a great tribute to your aunt. She sounds like she was an incredible woman.

  8. Lisa said

    Great list! Happy TT, mine’s up ;).

  9. Karen said

    That was a beautiful tribute to your aunt! Thanks for sharing and visiting my TT!

  10. Raggedy said

    That was a beautiful tribute to a beloved Aunt..
    Very touching and well written..
    My TT is up

  11. This is such a sweet tribute to your Aunt Patsy. I’ve heard other children “playing” with imaginary friends like that. My own daughter says she had an experience like that with her papa.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and the well wishes.

  12. Stacy said

    What sweet things you remember about your aunt. I’m sure she’s looking down from heaven today with an even bigger smile on her face than normal. Such a lovely tribute! 🙂

    Have a great day!

  13. christen said

    she sounds like a wonderful woman

    i’ve posted 13 too at

  14. once when my neice was young she was talking to someone in my living room (old house) I went to see who was there. No one was in the room with her. Yet she was looking up (she was 4) and talking. I asked her who she was talking to. She said the old lady. I found out later that an old woman had dies in that house.

  15. oh and my TT is finally up.

  16. Barb said

    Sounds like your Aunt Patsy was a great Aunt! Sorry you lost the doll in your moving. Awesome about your cousin Henry’s playmate being her!

    I had a cousin Patsy, who died before she was 25, with cirrhosis of the liver, years ago. We were very close. She would have been 65 this October.

  17. Barbara said

    Thanks for sharing your memories with us! She sounds like a wonderful person. I know you are the same kind of aunt to your nieces and nephews!

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