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a soft whisper spoken from my heart


Posted by Dawn on July 30, 2006

Ok before I get to something I’ve been wanting to share with you and wouldn’t until it was a done deal….no I’m not preggie I wish…..but it’s something I’ve been wanting to do and today I did it….

 First.  I was heartbroken at church.  The way we were treated made me want to leave and we got up and left church this morning.  No biggie you’d think.  See we are in a small church.  People sit in the same place every week.  Well we get there and Patt goes in while I take a pie I made (5th Sunday we eat after church) into the kitchen.  I go into the church and Patt is in a different spot.  Someone was sitting where we sit.  No biggie we sit in another spot.  Church was about to start, no one was sitting in the pew, then the people that usually sit there came in and comments were made all around us about us sitting in their pew, then the looks of daggers started.  I just wanted to cry.  People were whispering about where we were sitting!!!!  I felt so bad for getting someone’s pew I just wanted to crawl under a rock.  I mean ugly looks for them, so we left.  I don’t feel like we belong there to begin with and you know you shouldn’t care where people sit, the important thing is people are there.  For 5 years Patt has sat in the same place, but he didn’t make comments to the people on “our” pew, he just sat somewhere else.  Big mistake I guess….

 Ok now my news.  MY BLOG IS MOVING TO A NEW HOME SWEET HOME!!!!  I’ve wanted to do this since I was with blogger and they started having problems and I moved to wordpress.  I love wordpress but with the free site you are limited so as of now I have a new home and a new address. 

I know I’m tired of moving too and I know you guys have moved my link so many times, but this is the last time!!!  I have my own home now!!! yeahhhhhh Plus it’s paid for and I’m paying for a new makeover so this new place is my new home.

You are invited to the new home of Simply Dawn Marie……..


See ya over there!  I hope, fingers crossed, toes crossed, legs crossed you name it, I just hope you’ll visit me!!!!


3 Responses to “Finally…..”

  1. Dawn,

    I’m so sorry how things went at church. I’m a church goer and that is down-right disgraceful of others!!! My minister actually hates it when people sit around the same spot every Sunday. He’s joked, and we all accepted it gracefully, that people need to shake it up and move to new spots. And by no means, does anyone ever show ownership of any pew spots. That is just petty!! If your church is like that, you do need to find a new church. Church is “God’s Place” not “people’s place (pews).”

    Thanks for the note on my blog about your new home. I’ve got to change my link, but I never tire of that (LOL). Where ever you are happy, I’m happy.

    Thanks and I enjoy the chatting with you, Betty 🙂

  2. Hoping you are doing well!

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