Whispers Of The Morning

a soft whisper spoken from my heart

About Dawn

Welcome to Whispers.  I'm Dawn the one that's whispering here.  I decided to call my page Whispers of the Morning because my husband is always telling me to speak up it sounds like I'm whispering and Dawn means break of day aka morning time, so that's how I came up with my title. 

I use to have a blog on blogger called All About Fun And Life, but had to move, I won't go into the details, then I had Whispers on blogger, but they kept having problems and one things I'm not and that's patient, so I'm here, until I can decide on on place to host my page, then we'll have a real home I guess.

In the picture I'm with my crazy husband.  I call him Patt, but his real name is Jimmy.  We met when I was about 18 years old while we were both working at Krogers.  We dated, I feel in love with his blue eyes, but we broke up, went our seperate way, then life found back in each others lives once again.  He's always been the love of my life, even if he can be a pain sometimes.  He loves his quad racer and even more so his GSX-R 1000.  I once asked him what he loved more, me or the bike.  His reponse both, we're like a chocolate chip and macadiane (sp) cookie.  Life is the dough, I am the chocolate chips which makes the cookie and the nuts is the topping that makes it perfect.  Should I let that response pass for good??

We have no children, but we have Ruby our mini dauschand and Cookie my border collie.  Cookie lives with my parents where she has lots of room to run and play.  We also have two horses, Shadow and Dixie.  We live out in the courtry where everyone knows you, it's an insult if you don't wave and say HI, and in the summer you can still catch lighting bugs!


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