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A few thoughts

Posted by Dawn on July 26, 2006

Yesterday I spent the day trying to get sypware off my computer at work.  The IT person came up here and had to update all my software, and removed all the problems.  It was a long day.  This started Monday afternoon, she told to just run all my spyware programs, well that didn’t do it, then she was in a meeting yesterday morning, so finally at lunch she got me all fixed!  Now I’ve got some major catch up to do with my work.

 Last night I spent a few hours uploading a few pics from the wedding.  I’ll post a few here, but if you’d like to see more of them you can go to my photo blog to see more of them.  I think I did an ok job with the pics.

 Above is what Hunter thinks of having to stand up there.

This is my brother Stacey, his wife Jennifer and anyone who comes here knows that the little guy in my sweet (yet spoiled) nephew Hunter.  He’s holding one of his toys he got for being good during the wedding.

Your hair smells good. 

My favorite one is on my Photo Blog.  Can you pick it out. 

Busy day, I hope to catch up on everyone’s blogs soon, but I have to get some work done.  I just got a call and now it’s off to fix a problem, that if the cm supervisor would have done her job to begin with, there would be no problem!!!


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The weekend

Posted by Dawn on June 18, 2006

I told you about our friend who came to help me when Patt's car went nuts.  (btw-car is fixed I didn't break it, something happened with the gear shift and Patt fixed it)  This weekend we had a little party for Nick who is Jessica's boyfriend so here they are.



They are two of the sweetest people we'll ever know.  They rode that afternoon then Saturday night a few of them came out here and we cooked out.  It was a nice evening.

 Went today after church to see my dad for Father's Day.  It's so amazing that now the drive home seems like is a long drive, but when Patt and I were dating I did it 2-3 times a week.  Mom cooked, Hunter and Samantha enjoyed themselves jumping all over me.  I forgot how much fun it was to get in the floor and just play!

Other than that a nice quite weekend.  How was your weekend?


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What it’s like to be broke down in the heat!

Posted by Dawn on June 16, 2006

I didn't want to stop and get gas yesterday morning, so I brought Patt's car to work.  It's a stick shift, no problem with that until it breaks and I can't change gears, in the middle of traffic and it's 95 degree's outside.  Oh and I can't get in touch with him, he's still at work and can't hear his phone, my brother is already home with is about an hour from where I am.  No problem I think.  I'll call Patt's sister who works a whole 1 1/2 miles from where I'm on the side of the road.  Oh but she had a problem with picking me up though……..

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Welcom “K”

Posted by Dawn on June 13, 2006

So excited to share some really wonderful news with my friends. Our friend Christy just sent me a message that their little boy "K" has made his arrival. All I know now is 7 lbs and 20 inches. They are both resting now and as soon as she feels like company I'm off to the hospital. It's just down the road from my office. I knew I should have brought my camera today!

So the group has a new member!!! And he made just in time for his mom's birthday Friday!

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