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Posted by Dawn on July 28, 2006

It’s been a wild and crazy week.  So glad it’s FRIDAY!!!  There’s been a lot going on at work, I’m working on something I’ve wanted to do for a while and will be telling you more about that maybe next week, and I’ve just been doing some soul searching.  Even though it’s been a crazy week, I feel good about things going on.  Maybe, just maybe, fingers crossed, toes crossed, some problems here at the office are coming to light and maybe something good will come out of it.  I don’t mind the extra work, and going beyond–the call of duty–just take care of the problems….please!

 So which was my favorite picutre from the wedding.  Well all of them but I do have a few favvvvys….

Yep this is it.  How could you not just love that look on his face?


This is another one.  Mrs. “H” was mine and my brothers Sunday School teacher when we were kids, then she got to teach Hunter.  Wow, how cool is that to teach a child, then teach their child.  I just love this lady.  She’s a true example of how a Christian lady shoudl be.  Thanks Mrs “H” for always living by example!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!



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I’ve got Proof this time….

Posted by Dawn on July 14, 2006

This cute little girl has been trying to get me in trouble this week, but I’ve got proof today!!!

Tuesday Patt call me when he went home for lunch.  First thing out of his mouth….guess what you forgot to do this morning????  I’m thinking what have I done this time?  He proceeds to tell me I forgot to put Ruby in the kitchen.  Said she was under the covers asleep on our bed.  I was like noooo I didn’t.  He thinks the gate we put in the hall is too high for her to jump.  I’m sure I didn’t forget…I always play with her before I leave.  So I drop it.

Yesterday…same thing and I’m like no way no how did I forgot to put Ruby in the kitchen.  I let her out when he left for work and did not let her back in until I was ready to leave and by then everything was done, gates put up and all.  I played with her like I always do.  Still last night he’s like no way can she jump over the gate.  I’m like well someone is coming in while we are gone.  I’m not that crazy….  Well I guess the ghost is playing with Ruby while we are gone.

 He just called from the house.  I’m like no way I have proof this time.  I took a picuture of that dog  in front of the gate before I left this morning….

haha I have proof this time.  Can’t blame me:)

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Guilty because you ride a blue and white motorcyle???

Posted by Dawn on June 12, 2006

Thanks for all the well wishes! I'm still alive! Feeling better, but I still don't have all my energy back. I did what I needed to do over the weekend and that was rest. I fought it at first. My new helmet was suppose to be in Friday (now it'll be Wednesday) and I wanted to ride this weekend. Insteed Friday night I took my meds and slept. Got up early Saturday (thanks new neighbors to be) went ahead and went to the grocery store. Came home and pretty much was lazy. During energy spurts I'd do a few things needed to be done, but pretty much took it easy. Sunday went to church had a lunch fund raiser for our youth then I was surpised, the group was going to some race track and Patt decided not to go, instead we went to the movies! Alone just the two of us. Nice surpise to spend the afternoon with Patt!

Now the real fun was what happened to Patt Saturday afternoon has now made me loose faith in our police officers. I can't have repect for somone who treated Patt the way he did. Saturday Patt and 2 other guys were riding. They were downtown, no cutting up, not spending. It is well know to be on your very best behavior in this town and Patt has been told after two tickets he'd better be good or else! The are going down a street and a police office passes them, turns around and follows them for a little while. No problem they were not doing anything wrong or so they thought. He finally stops them, then calls Patt to the back away from the other guys and this is what happened.

Officer: Why did you out run me?

Patt: I didn't out run you. When was this?

Officer: About a month ago on a rainny night.

Patt: Sir, I don't ride my bike in the rain.

Officer: Then who did you lend your bike to?

Patt: I don't lend my bike to anyone it wasn't me. I'm not the only one with a blue and white bike.

Officer: (get's ticket book out)

Patt: Why are you giving me a ticket?

Officer: Your tag is improperly displayed.

Patt: Can I go home and fix it. I've been stopped before and no one has said anything about my tag.

Officer: Don't get an attitude with me.

Patt: I'm not, but you already had me guilty when you pulled me over. I didn't out run you. I've got my endorsement, have insurance, tag in date, can't you give me a break.

Officer: I'm about you throw you in jail, then you'll have to bond out, get your bike out and still pay for the ticket.

(By now Patt does have an attitude I think)

Officer: (Gives Patt the ticket) there's a number on there if you have any questions.

Patt: I'll call and ask them if I have this taken care of will they let the ticket go.

Officer: (takes ticket back and writes NO HELP on it)

The officer now goes to our friend who's bike is out of state since last August, tag placed just like Patt's, no endoresement, and no insurance. Gives him a ticket only for the tag and endoresment and tells him in front of Patt if he gets the two things fix he'll tear the ticket up.

By now Patt just gets on his bike and leaves.

Ok my husband can be a pain in the rear end, a jerk at times, but one thing he does not do and that's lie. He's gotton two tickets one for going 68 in a 55 which on a bike is slow…..and one for doing a wheelie in town. He did it got to pay the ticket, but to get a ticket because the officer assumed he out ran him because a guy on a blue and white bike did. Wrong!

Back several, several months ago I'm on the cell phone talking to my mom and see this guy coming up and I tell mom, there's Patt, what's he doing in town. I swear this is Patt, then he gets beside me and it's NOT Patt. Now if his own wife can't tell for sure how can a cope on a dark, rainny night. Now I can tell Patt, he's the only one with a jacket like he has. But not then.

Ok it's Monday off to get some work done!

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