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Posted by Dawn on July 21, 2006

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This weeks theme-action!

This is a picture from when we went on vacaction.  We had the best time at the Gulfaquarium-I have no clue if that’s spelled correct but it was a cool, fun place to go!

This is also from vacaction.  We went to play goofy golf and this is the 17th hole.  It goes through a cave and there’s a waterfall you look through.


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This weeks theme…signs!

Posted by Dawn on July 8, 2006


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 I was thinking of this weeks theme when I wanted to take this picutre, but as you can tell, I was a little slow and didn’t get the shot.  I asked Patt to go back and let me try again and he wouldn’t:(

So this is plan “B”.  This is the sign above my favorite place to get a hamburger in our town.  To be honest, it’s the only place to get a hambuger in our town.  But it’s the best!!!

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This weeks theme…love

Posted by Dawn on June 23, 2006

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With this weeks theme being love I decided to share pictures from our wedding.  Of course since I'm in the picture I didn't take it, but my sister in laws friend took all of our wedding pictures which in my opinion are perfect!

Here we are, married for about 5 minutes and my husband was looking out for me.  My heal to my shoe got stuck and I almost tripped.

 Picture before the wedding.  We got married outside on December 18th.  The weather was 68 degrees that day and it was a beautiful day.  That night a big cold front came through and the next day was wet, very cold and windy.  Thank goodness we didn't pick December 19th 🙂

I just love this picture for some reason!


My cake.  I looked at hundreds of pictures of wedding cakes and saw this one and it was like the pecfect cake.  I hope you can see them but there's snow flakes on the cake.



This is me with my sweet Samatha who was 10 months old when we got married.  I just thought it was right for her to catch my flowers.  Since our wedding no one has gotton married yet that is until next month.  The girl holding Samantha is Casmine and the wedding shower I'm going to this morning is for her wedding next month!

Congrats Chris and Casmine!!!  May you two have many years of love and happiness!!!



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Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt

Posted by Dawn on June 16, 2006

This weeks theme Sports in honor of Father's Day.

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Since this week's theme is sports, for Father's Day, I remebered this picture I took of my nephew and his dad a few months ago at a St. Jude's Bike-A-Thon. 

My nephew Hunter raised the most money that day and won a new bike. 

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Photo Hunt

Posted by Dawn on May 26, 2006

This weeks theme: red, white, and blue in honor of Memorial Day

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While trying to decide what to do for red, white and blue, I was looking through some pictures and trying to decide and saw this one. They are wearing all colors in their outfits. My nephew Hunter and my sweetie Patt. We were taking picutres all the January's birthday people on with each month and it got to their month and Hunter was like, cool Uncle Patt and I have the same birthday. They don't but we can't get him to understand it, so we'll just pretend since he's all excited about them having the same birtday.

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Hubby on a Suzuki GSX-R 1000. It's blue, white with the "R" in red. This is what we do on the weekends and I guess with us having a long weekend we'll be riding more!

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So not only are our motorcycles red, white and blue so is our 4 wheeler. This is what we do when we are not on the motorcycle.

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My poor yard, at least we are in the country!

I'm thankful that we live in a country that we have the freedom to do crazy stuff like we do. We have the freedom to make our choices, live our lives, and be FREE! Thank you to all the veterns thoses who have fought and thoses that will fight so that we may be free to live our life the way we want to. To have the freedom to choose our religion, our jobs, who we marry, everything. I sometimes forget what our country has gone through to be free. Thank You!

God Bless All of Us!

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Posted by Dawn on May 20, 2006

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Ever Easter at our church we have an early service, the men cook breakfast for the ladies and everyne brings fresh flowers to put on the cross. It is so sweet to see all the families with their kids in the new Easter outfits taking picutres by the cross. I've only been a member of this church for 1 1/2 years and it's the sweetest thing I've seen done.

In the background is our church. It's a simple town, a small community with a really big heart.

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