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This weeks theme…love

Posted by Dawn on June 23, 2006

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With this weeks theme being love I decided to share pictures from our wedding.  Of course since I'm in the picture I didn't take it, but my sister in laws friend took all of our wedding pictures which in my opinion are perfect!

Here we are, married for about 5 minutes and my husband was looking out for me.  My heal to my shoe got stuck and I almost tripped.

 Picture before the wedding.  We got married outside on December 18th.  The weather was 68 degrees that day and it was a beautiful day.  That night a big cold front came through and the next day was wet, very cold and windy.  Thank goodness we didn't pick December 19th 🙂

I just love this picture for some reason!


My cake.  I looked at hundreds of pictures of wedding cakes and saw this one and it was like the pecfect cake.  I hope you can see them but there's snow flakes on the cake.



This is me with my sweet Samatha who was 10 months old when we got married.  I just thought it was right for her to catch my flowers.  Since our wedding no one has gotton married yet that is until next month.  The girl holding Samantha is Casmine and the wedding shower I'm going to this morning is for her wedding next month!

Congrats Chris and Casmine!!!  May you two have many years of love and happiness!!!




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Attached by the green eye monster!

Posted by Dawn on June 23, 2006

Ok I'll admit it….the green eye monster has gotton to me… :mrgreen:  I am so jealous.  I left for work this morning and you know what?  Patt's offically on vacation and was still in bed while I was getting ready for work! 😡

They finished up their work and since his boss left for their vaction Wednesday afternoon, he told them to take Friday off too.  So here I am at work, and Patt is doing who knows what.  I guess I can't be mad or jealous.  Where I work we follow state guidelines so I do get every holiday and then some off, so there's many times he goes to work and I stay in bed.  Still I'm just ready for the work day to be over and then I'm skipping out the door!  I'm actually going to work through lunch and leave an hour early.

So I wonder what Patt is doing?  Is he still asleep?  Will he cut the grass?  Is is running the road with his dad?  Is he on his bike?  That's a high probabilty–just please no more tickets. 

Wishful thinking here…he could do the laundry for me today.  Yeah right 🙄  That would be nice, but I just don't see it getting done.

I still haven't bought a gift for the wedding shower tomorrow.  I'll stop by Bath and Body Works on my way home.  I know she registered there.  I just know I'll find something I just have to have while I'm there.

I've added new friends to my blogroll and you know what they are from Mississippi.  In my area!  So if you get a chance go say hi to Stacy and Gail!  They are sisters and came by yesterday for TT and said hi to me!  Small world. 

So I am off to work a little before I skip out of the office, then it's a busy weekend.  I want my house spotless so if something happens and someone has to come into my house it will be all nice and clean.  My mom would drive me nuts before we left on vacation as kids cleaning and making us clean before we left.  It was like if we want to go on vacation you have to do this and this…man that list was long.  What if someone had to come into the house while we're gone.  I was a kid I didn't care I just wanted to see Mickey and the gang, or I was ready for the beach or whatever.  But – now that I'm an adult I totally get what she was saying.  Plus it's nice to come back home to a clean house!  So I'm sure I'll post before we hit the road.  Tomorrow is PSH so I"ve got to find a pic on "love"! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Thirteen Thursday

Posted by Dawn on June 21, 2006


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Thirteen Things I'm Looking Forward to after Friday!

1.  Other than the fact that it is Friday after all, but as of around 4:00 or when I decide to hit the door running, I'm on vacation until July 5th!  Yippie Yeah, Dawn is doing the HAPPY DANCE!

2.  I finally got my new helmet to go riding with Patt and have yet to go riding, so I plan on riding some Friday night.  Saturday and Sunday I'll let him ride without me since he'll be leaving his toy for a few days.

3.  Saturday I'm off to Utica for a wedding shower.  It'll be nice to see people I use to go to church with.

4.  Sunday after we get out of church and while Patt is riding I'm packing our clothes and some sunscreen.

5.  Monday moring we're off to who knows where.  We are getting in the car and heading toward Flordia.  We're going to just see where the road takes us and have some fun!

6.  I'm looking forward to us — ok Patt playing golf, but I do love to drive the golf cart.  I love golf and we both have a blast while we're out on the green. 

7.  I can't wait to sit out on the beach and just enjoy listening to the waves and walking on the beach.  I love to walk on the beach at night.

8.  No cooking, no cleaning, no making the bed, no getting up 2 or 3 times a night to let Ruby out!

9.  NO WORK!!! No case mangers asking stupid questions, no e-mails with stupid questions, no case manager supervisor that gets on my nevers, no one griping about this or that, no phone calls, no Dawn can you do this or why did they deny my billing, no work 🙂

10. I'm looking forward to spending time with Patt.  It's strange we see each other every day, but it's just something about getting out of town, plus if he takes a job he's been offered I won't see much of him in the next few months.  So, I'm going to enjoy this time.

11. Shopping!  Even though I'm not a big shopper, I'm looking forward to looking for a gift for my MIL.  Her birthday was Monday and I haven't found the right gift for her, so maybe I'll find the perfect gift as we travel.

12. When we get back we'll still have several days before it's back to work, so Monday the 3rd my MIL and I are going out to eat and have girl talk just the two of us.  I'm blessed to have a great MIL! 

13. I'm looking forward to spending time with our families and friends and cooking out for the 4th of July.  We're planning a group day and everyone will come back to our house for a cookout. 

Bonus since I won't be here next week for TT….

I'm looking forward to meeting our friends new baby!  They are home and rested and ready for company so I can't wait to meet this adorable gift God has given our friends.

I'm looking forward to catching up on some reading.  I may actually get to read a book while I'm off work!

I'm looking forward to taking pictures of something other than motorcycles.  Sorry sweetie 😦

I'm looking forward to moving my blog to it's own home.  I'm in the process of researching and trying to decide on the perfect name and design so I can't wait to have my own home!

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Reflections in the mirror.

Posted by Dawn on June 21, 2006


This is the hard one to write.  It's the tell all.  Wish I could say what I'm about to write is nice things, but since it's the truth, well I'm just say that I'm glad I no longer see me the way I use to.

The one thing I really like about me is my blue eyes.  I'm told I got them from my grandfather, along with his temper.  Well the pretty blue eyes aren't so pretty when there's a long stream of black eyeliner running down my face, my eyes are swollen from crying, and my nose is red.  Yep almost as red as that famous reindeer we've heard about.  You betcha I'm trying to be funny no joke this is hard.

I remember looking at the mirror and would take my lipstick and write all over my reflection.  Things like I hate you, go away just to name a couple.  I'd look so deep into my eyes searching for some form of happiness, a life I'd dream of.  I really didn't like me, but you'd never know that from the way I acted in public. 

I had a good life in Baton Rouge.  I just wasn't happy.  Every time I'd get depressed I'd redo my make up, and put on a show.  The perfect couple.  No one but my best friend knew I wasn't happy.  I think I still put on some sort of act for her too.  I had a nice house, went on all kinds of trips, bought what I wanted when I wanted, had everything I wanted.  Still the world saw me talking about the latest trip, or the upcoming trip.  Always something.

What they never saw was the me that found a safe place in my closet where I'd cry and wonder why.  Why did I have to buy the happiness for a few moments.  I thought if I move back to Mississippi, be closer to my family, then I'll be happy. 

Guess what?  We have mirrors in Mississippi too and the reflection was the same.  Guess this is about the time I had that anxiety attack.  Decided it was time to admit I wasn't in love with my husband, my heart longed for something I lost many years ago.  It was time to deal with my past.  Then and only then could I be happy.

When everyone found out I wanted a divorce you'd think I'd done the most horrible of horrible things.  I was giving up my security to follow my heart.  There was something I had to face.  I had to face the monster I saw in the mirror.  It didn't happen over night, it didn't happen in a few months.  It's taken a few years and it's still in progress.

I had to face the hard facts.

Dawn is/thinks

  • a snob
  • she's better than everyone else
  • judges others
  • moody
  • a guilt player
  • someone who likes the attention of being depressed
  • likes to have things her way
  • likes to be in control
  • will fight just to fight
  • likes to play mind games
  • selfish

Ok I'll stop there.  It's no fun.  I can say that over this past year I've really worked on my list.  Wasn't fun either.  It took so much to admit these things much less to act on chainging them.  It's taken the support of Patt and his honesty to love me enough to say get over yourself.  Stop it.  Give people a chance.  Try new things.  If you don't like who you are then you are the only one that can change that. 

I don't think I'm the same person anymore.  I've learned that by being that person I've missed out on some really good friendships and experiences.  Like I said it's a work in progress with my list, and most days when I look in the mirror I see someone I love, someone Patt loves, and most important, someone God loves.  Mistakes, wrong paths, running away, God still loves Dawn.  I'm seeing my blue eyes now instead of the black eyeliner running down my face. 

Next time when and why I decided meds was not what I wanted…..

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When I realized I was depressed

Posted by Dawn on June 20, 2006

My best friends husband is stuggling bad with depression and she's worried about him.  He won't talk to anyone and she's at the end of her ropes she can't handle it anymore.  She's begged him to talk to me and he don't wan't to talk.  He doesn't know why he's depressed.  So we talked this morning and I asked her, if I did a few post on my depression and how I fought it, would he read it.  So I'm going to start another blog, just for him, so that this one is still private, but I think I'm going to post them on both.  So here goes. when I realized I was depressed…..

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The weekend

Posted by Dawn on June 18, 2006

I told you about our friend who came to help me when Patt's car went nuts.  (btw-car is fixed I didn't break it, something happened with the gear shift and Patt fixed it)  This weekend we had a little party for Nick who is Jessica's boyfriend so here they are.



They are two of the sweetest people we'll ever know.  They rode that afternoon then Saturday night a few of them came out here and we cooked out.  It was a nice evening.

 Went today after church to see my dad for Father's Day.  It's so amazing that now the drive home seems like is a long drive, but when Patt and I were dating I did it 2-3 times a week.  Mom cooked, Hunter and Samantha enjoyed themselves jumping all over me.  I forgot how much fun it was to get in the floor and just play!

Other than that a nice quite weekend.  How was your weekend?


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Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt

Posted by Dawn on June 16, 2006

This weeks theme Sports in honor of Father's Day.

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Since this week's theme is sports, for Father's Day, I remebered this picture I took of my nephew and his dad a few months ago at a St. Jude's Bike-A-Thon. 

My nephew Hunter raised the most money that day and won a new bike. 

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What it’s like to be broke down in the heat!

Posted by Dawn on June 16, 2006

I didn't want to stop and get gas yesterday morning, so I brought Patt's car to work.  It's a stick shift, no problem with that until it breaks and I can't change gears, in the middle of traffic and it's 95 degree's outside.  Oh and I can't get in touch with him, he's still at work and can't hear his phone, my brother is already home with is about an hour from where I am.  No problem I think.  I'll call Patt's sister who works a whole 1 1/2 miles from where I'm on the side of the road.  Oh but she had a problem with picking me up though……..

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What does your’s say?

Posted by Dawn on June 16, 2006

Your Bumper Sticker Should Be
Even if the voices aren't real – they've got some great ideas

What Bumper Sticker Should Be On Your Car?


I just love Friday's over at Beth's !  When I saw this one and what it said, it just sounded like something I'd say!  Thanks Beth!

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Thirteen Thursday

Posted by Dawn on June 15, 2006

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Thirteen of Dawn’s favorite Christian Performers!

1.  Amy Grant.  When I was starting to sing in church, one of the first songs I ever sang was “Fathers Eyes”.  I remember getting into a fight with my dad and didn’t want to ,ok I refused, to sing it.  That’s when I learned about my heavenly Father and it was Him I was singing about.

2.  Micheal W. Smith.  Oh my I just love Smitty!  There are too many songs to list that I love!  First time I saw him I was about 23 and was on the floor and wanted to sit and enjoy the concert like an adult would.  There’s all these teenagers in their chairs singing and dancing and it dawned on, they are singing Christian lyrics and having so much fun so I got my hinney out of the chair, put my feet in the chair stood up and had a blast!

3.  Todd Agnew.  Awesome artist.  I love how he performs with no shoes on.  He has such a strong love for the Lord and it shows all around him.  He’s probably my “current” favorite.

4.  Steven Curtis Chapman.  Too many songs to list, but I love “Dive” and “I Will Be Here For You”-which was one of the songs I played at our wedding.  I use to sit and play that song on the piano and think of Patt!

5.  Mercy Me.  These guys are so cool.  I just love them!  Right now I’m loving their song “So Long Self”.  That song is what I’m striving for.  To say so long to the old self!

6.  David Meece.  I remember him from a youth rally I went to many, many years ago.  He sang a song “We Are The Reason” and I just never forgot how I felt that night.

7.  Sandi Patti.  Growing up singing in church I always loved to pick her songs to sing.  I just love the memories of our group singing in church.

8.  Point of Grace.  Another group that there are too many songs to list.  I just love the way they sound together.

9.  Chris Rice.  His song “Untitled Hymn” is breath taking.  I just love the way that song makes me feel.  He’s such an awesome artist.

10. Selah.  The song “You Raised Me Up” is another song I feel in love with and played at our wedding.

11. Casting Crowns.  I just love “Who Am I”, “Voice of Truth” and “If We Are The Body”.  These guys are awesome!

12. Chris Tomlin.  “Holy Is The Lord”.  That’s one song I love to sing over and over.

13. Mrs. Shirley and Mrs. Judy.  Now you won’t hear them on the radio but these two ladies played such a big role in my life.  I love music because they loved to teach it to us.  Mrs. Shirley was my piano teach and Mrs. Judy was my voice teacher.  I haven’t seen Mrs. Shirley since they retired and moved but I see Mrs. Judy almost every time I go home.  When I wouldn’t go to church God spoke to me through music and I am so glad He did!

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