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Posted by Dawn on July 30, 2006

Ok before I get to something I’ve been wanting to share with you and wouldn’t until it was a done deal….no I’m not preggie I wish…..but it’s something I’ve been wanting to do and today I did it….

 First.  I was heartbroken at church.  The way we were treated made me want to leave and we got up and left church this morning.  No biggie you’d think.  See we are in a small church.  People sit in the same place every week.  Well we get there and Patt goes in while I take a pie I made (5th Sunday we eat after church) into the kitchen.  I go into the church and Patt is in a different spot.  Someone was sitting where we sit.  No biggie we sit in another spot.  Church was about to start, no one was sitting in the pew, then the people that usually sit there came in and comments were made all around us about us sitting in their pew, then the looks of daggers started.  I just wanted to cry.  People were whispering about where we were sitting!!!!  I felt so bad for getting someone’s pew I just wanted to crawl under a rock.  I mean ugly looks for them, so we left.  I don’t feel like we belong there to begin with and you know you shouldn’t care where people sit, the important thing is people are there.  For 5 years Patt has sat in the same place, but he didn’t make comments to the people on “our” pew, he just sat somewhere else.  Big mistake I guess….

 Ok now my news.  MY BLOG IS MOVING TO A NEW HOME SWEET HOME!!!!  I’ve wanted to do this since I was with blogger and they started having problems and I moved to wordpress.  I love wordpress but with the free site you are limited so as of now I have a new home and a new address. 

I know I’m tired of moving too and I know you guys have moved my link so many times, but this is the last time!!!  I have my own home now!!! yeahhhhhh Plus it’s paid for and I’m paying for a new makeover so this new place is my new home.

You are invited to the new home of Simply Dawn Marie……..


See ya over there!  I hope, fingers crossed, toes crossed, legs crossed you name it, I just hope you’ll visit me!!!!


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This weeks theme…animals.

Posted by Dawn on July 28, 2006

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Posted by Dawn on July 28, 2006

It’s been a wild and crazy week.  So glad it’s FRIDAY!!!  There’s been a lot going on at work, I’m working on something I’ve wanted to do for a while and will be telling you more about that maybe next week, and I’ve just been doing some soul searching.  Even though it’s been a crazy week, I feel good about things going on.  Maybe, just maybe, fingers crossed, toes crossed, some problems here at the office are coming to light and maybe something good will come out of it.  I don’t mind the extra work, and going beyond–the call of duty–just take care of the problems….please!

 So which was my favorite picutre from the wedding.  Well all of them but I do have a few favvvvys….

Yep this is it.  How could you not just love that look on his face?


This is another one.  Mrs. “H” was mine and my brothers Sunday School teacher when we were kids, then she got to teach Hunter.  Wow, how cool is that to teach a child, then teach their child.  I just love this lady.  She’s a true example of how a Christian lady shoudl be.  Thanks Mrs “H” for always living by example!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!


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A few thoughts

Posted by Dawn on July 26, 2006

Yesterday I spent the day trying to get sypware off my computer at work.  The IT person came up here and had to update all my software, and removed all the problems.  It was a long day.  This started Monday afternoon, she told to just run all my spyware programs, well that didn’t do it, then she was in a meeting yesterday morning, so finally at lunch she got me all fixed!  Now I’ve got some major catch up to do with my work.

 Last night I spent a few hours uploading a few pics from the wedding.  I’ll post a few here, but if you’d like to see more of them you can go to my photo blog to see more of them.  I think I did an ok job with the pics.

 Above is what Hunter thinks of having to stand up there.

This is my brother Stacey, his wife Jennifer and anyone who comes here knows that the little guy in my sweet (yet spoiled) nephew Hunter.  He’s holding one of his toys he got for being good during the wedding.

Your hair smells good. 

My favorite one is on my Photo Blog.  Can you pick it out. 

Busy day, I hope to catch up on everyone’s blogs soon, but I have to get some work done.  I just got a call and now it’s off to fix a problem, that if the cm supervisor would have done her job to begin with, there would be no problem!!!

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a wedding, a stormy cookout and a snake

Posted by Dawn on July 24, 2006

I don’t usually cry or get emotional at weddings, but Saturday it almost got to me.  I did get a little teary eyes a few times.

 The bride was absolutely beautiful.  Her wedding party was amazing, the groom’s eyes just sparkled, the flower girl was adorable, and the ringer bearer (my nephew Hunter) was bribed to be good.

I remember when the groom was born.  It was great seeing his older brother and his sister again.  His mom and dad divorced when they were younger, but the groom still went to church in Utica.  His older brother and younger sister have moved out of state so it was great seeing them again.

I remember when the bride and groom started dating.  They were perfect for each other and so cute together so it was awesome to be a part of their day.  I got there around 8:00 to help take “fun” pictures and to help Jenn with Hunter.  We played cars and trucks all day.  My nephew is so spoiled on my way in I talk to him and he’s like what you bringing me Aunt Dawn.  Yikes so we made a deal.  If he’s good during the wedding I buy him a toy.  Wanna guess how many people made the same deal with him???  It was like Christmas for that kid.  He’s got a toy car from me, his mom and dad got him a toy truck and boat, my mom and dad are letting him pick something out, his other grandparents got him a walkie talkie, the bride got him toys, the groom has promised to take him on a ride in the fire truck, the grooms dad is also taking him for a ride in the fire truck and he gets to push the horn.

So the wedding was great, beautiful, and it was an all around great day!  And the rain held off until after the reception!

So speaking of rain…anytime we have a cookout it rains.  We still had a good turn out for the cookout.  Patt loved his cake and enjoyed his birthday weekend.  The fun came when some friends came in and told him there was a snake in the carport.  Well, Patt’s still a kid and couldn’t wait to play with the snake.  He even brought that thing into my house!  It’s harmless it’s just a grass snake.  Hence the key word, it’s a snake!!!  There’s no such thing in my mind as a harmless snake!  So they took it out and released it in the field in the backyard.

Overall really great weekend, no major fighting just a lot fun!!!

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Posted by Dawn on July 21, 2006

Join the fun here!

This weeks theme-action!

This is a picture from when we went on vacaction.  We had the best time at the Gulfaquarium-I have no clue if that’s spelled correct but it was a cool, fun place to go!

This is also from vacaction.  We went to play goofy golf and this is the 17th hole.  It goes through a cave and there’s a waterfall you look through.

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Thirteen Thursday

Posted by Dawn on July 19, 2006

Thanks to Chaotic Home for this weeks banner!

Thirteen Things about my Aunt Pasty!

1.  She was born on July 18 1958 and went to see Jesus on December 15, 1978.

2.  She died 6 days after my 8th birthday.

3.  I still have the belt with my name on and a Gideon Bible she gave me.  The Bible is on a decorative stand that stays on my bedside dresser.

4.  That Christmas I remember everyone being so sad.  I remember my grandmother going into her room and bringing a gift out.  It was the only Christmas present she had bought before she passed away.  It was a little doll with long black hair, wearing a red dress with polk a dots, red shoes and a red purse.  It breaks my heart to say I lost it, but somewhere in my moves in Baton Rouge I lost the last thing my aunt ever bought.

5.  She loved to play the piano which is why I think I took lessons.  I always wanted to be just like her.  Only problem, she could play the piano, I memorized all my pieces.

6.  She loved to sing.  There’s a tape that I believe my Aunt Dottie has of Aunt Pasty singing “There’s Just Something About That Name”.  Again this is one of my favorite hymns.  It reminds me of her.

7.  I remember getting in a whole lot of trouble once in mission friends.  I remember us coloring on a page and at the top of the page I wrote the words….do do.  I was told that was not a nice thing to say or write.

 8.  As most kids do when the phone rings they love to answer the phone.  Well so did I when I was a kid.  Embarrassed her so much when I answered the phone once and it was a guy calling and I said to her, Aunt Pasty it’s for you,  it’s your boyfriend……

9.  I remember that I loved spending the night with her.  She had a typewriter and I would just type all night on it.

10. I remember she liked to bird hunt I think it was.  There’s a memory of her coming in the house and she’d been hunting.

11. She passed away before my cousin Henry was born.  He was the only one that never got to be with her or so we thought.  I can remember when he was little playing outside with his “pretend” friend all the time.  One day he is in my grandmother’s living room, points up to her picture and says “that’s her, that’s my friend that comes and plays with me”. 

12. She loved the Lord and it showed.  There’s people today that still will say something and tell me how wonderful and special she was.

13. I guess with time there’s some memories that are not so clear anymore, but one thing I do remember and that’s being loved so much.  No matter how old I get or what happens in my life I know my Aunt Pasty loved me, held me, prayed for me and made me feel like a princess.  I just hope I can be the same type of aunt to Hunter, Samatha, Bailey and Tracer.

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chop chop

Posted by Dawn on July 19, 2006

I did it.  It’s been a gradual process since my hair use to be in the middle of my back and it’s been slowly getting shorter, but yesterday I just did it!  It’s gone    😮

My hair maybe sits right on my shoulder.  So for me that is major short!  I was sitting in the chair yesterday and Patt walks in and was like don’t do it, but I had to.  It is so hot and I’m tired of wearing a pony tail.  I mean yesterday we had “important” people here for a luncheon and I’m bouncing around with a pony tail.  Very unprofessional.  It’s bad enough I wear dresses with sandals, but we are in the Mississippi and it’s hot right now!  So I cut it off  but I do admit I do like it longer and like I told Patt I’ll start growing it back out to have long hair for the winter but it’s just too hot right now to deal with long hair.  I don’t like some of the crazy things he does with facial hair, but I deal with it.

It’s been really hot and yesterday we had a bad thunderstorm.  It knocked the power out for about 2 hours and I thought Patt was about to break out the generator.  After Katrina and being without power for a week the thought of no electricity is scary around here.  But I did manager to talk Patt into waiting since it was only a thunderstorm.  So we sat outside and watched the rain.

I’m starting to get everything together for the cookout this weekend for his birthday.  I’ve ordered the cake which I hope he likes.  It’s chocolate with a cream filing, butter-cream icing and they will be able to put a picture of his motorcycle on it.  I’ve got to pick up all the fixings for the cookout and get everything done by Friday night since I’ll be at a wedding Saturday afternoon.  It’s fun yet sad when people you can remember being born get married.  My nephew Hunter is the ring bearer and is going to be so cute in his little tux 😎  So I’m excited about Saturday and I just love seeing everyone I use to go to church with.  Weird thing is I love the people in Utica, I just don’t want to live there. 

Off to get some work done and it’s about time for another cup of coffee.  Hope you have a good Wednesday!!!!

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will I do it?

Posted by Dawn on July 18, 2006

I’m at that crossroad again.  Yep, it’s hair cut time once again.  I got brave last time and cut some lenght off, so what will I do today?  To be honest, I have no clue.  I’ll probably go in tell Wendy to do what she thinks best, even if it’s short.  My hair and nope I didn’t ask for any opinion this morning.  Just reminded Patt I may be in a little after normal time, since I’ve got an apt today.  Right now it’s just below my shoulders but gee it’s so hot I think I want something fun and sassy.  I’m kind of feeling prissy right now 😎

It’s nuts around here today.  That’s nothing new, but there’s a big lunch meeting and the mayor’s bodyguards are in the kitchen and so I’m like can I please get through.

Today is a special today.  It’s my friends Jaimi’s 44th b’day and it would have been my Aunt Pasty’s birthday.  I called Jaimi this morning and had a long chat.  I miss my friends from Baton Rouge, they have such a special place in my heart and even though Jaimi and I could get on each others never we have a very special friendship.  She was suprised I remembered.  Duh, hello, for 7 years, every year it was my honor and joy to make her birthday ever so exciting…  I really had fun making sure everyone knew it was her birthday and playing tricks on her.  We had to have fun and love each other.  We all worked so close together the laughter was our relief.

It would have also been my mom’s sister b’day.  She died when I was 7 but I can still remember her like it was yesterday.  Being the first child born in the family has major benefits.  This is why I am so spoiled…. why I still think I’m the princess…I was treated like I was.  I had the whole family wrapped around my little finger.  Now with my niece Samantha everyone will tell me she is me all over again, she looks like me and acts like me.  Her nickname is Princess and I am trainning her very well 😉 And like me having Aunt Pasty wrapped around my finger, Samantha has her Aunt Dawn wrapped around her finger.  I miss my Aunt Pasty.  It was so unfair for someone so wonderful to be gone so early.  She loved God, Loved loved loved her family, she taught my mission friends class in church, she loved to play the piano (that’s why I took lessons, I wanted to be like her) she liked to hunt she was so amazing.  She was so special God needed her in heaven, but before he took her home, He made sure she touched my heart.

Ok before I get sappy again, I’ve been doing good, so let’s stay happy and cheerful.  I’ve got 3 hours to decide on chop chop or trim trim….  Then I may or may not go riding with Patt tonight.  There’s so much to do to get ready for the cookout this weekend.  I’m slowly learning not to stress about my house to so neat and perfect before everyone gets there because once people start showing up, my poor ole house is just not the same. 

 Have a great Tuesday everyone. 

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Starting to feel like me again.

Posted by Dawn on July 17, 2006

Today I didn’t let work stress me out

I ordered Patt’s birthday cake and found a place that makes the cake he likes and they can put a picture of his bike on it.

Invited some of Patt’s friends out for a cookout Saturday. 

Invited some of my friends out for a cookout Saturday.

I smiled.

I laughed.

I enjoyed going to my friends office and just talking about the weekend.

I enjoyed the talk of a possibility of maybe a girls cruise with some friends.  We’ve talked about it for years and we really want to do it.

I cooked dinner and sat at the table and enjoyed talking to Patt.

I talked to Hunter on the phone which always makes me smile.

We played with Ruby.

We’ve laughed a lot this afternoon.

I’m about to go wake him from the couch and tell him it’s bed time.

It’s been great to feel happy today.

I’m thankful for all the wonderful comments from you guys.  This mood I’ve been in is a combination of a lot going on all around me.  I’ve been worried about someone I love more than life….my brother and over the past few weeks I’ve become friends with my brother.  Who would have ever guessed we’d be so close.  I don’t want to go into details why my brother has been on my mind and why I’ve been worried.  That’s his story, but I can tell you this I am so proud of him.  He’ s a good little brother who grown into a wonderful guy. 

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